About Us

Wallingford Train Station

Wallingford Train Station


What We Do

We are a residential design build company. Based in the Wallingford train station we have been serving the Wallingford Swarthmore community and Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania suburbs for more than 14 Years. From small scale maintenance projects to additions and whole house reorganizations, we will provide the optimal team for the needs of your project. We specialize in design that fulfills your needs, is sensitive to the form of the existing house,  aesthetically pleasing, environmentally responsible and focuses on optimizing value within the project’s budget. Our construction is completed with the same high level of craftsmanship.

The Importance of Listening

Asking thoughtful questions and listening closely to clients enables us to determine their needs, spatially, functionally, and financially. It is not uncommon for a new client to approach us with the idea that they need an addition of a specific size in a given location. When we begin to work through the design process we realize that what they had in mind does not really address the issue they want to correct, or resolves it in a less than optimal way. By starting with the needs of the homeowner we can then move through the process to create a solution that works for them.

Design Philosophy

We are fortunate in this area of the country to have homes which represent a diverse blend of architectural styles. Respect for the existing structure informs our designs. We are never looking for someone to say, “what a nice addition.” Our goal is always to have our projects illicit a “what a great house,” response.

Our designer’s fine arts background imparts a special sensitivity to individual details as well as the overall look and feel of a project. Our goal is to enhance the homeowners personal style, not simply to put our stamp on the project. As you look through the project gallery you will find a diversity of styles representative of different clients personalities. This illustrates our commitment to developing your individual project.

Environmental Responsibility

We have always placed a high importance on environmental responsibility. However, “Green” and “sustainable” have become the flavor of the day to the extent that similar to the low fat food craze when apple juice showed up in the grocery store with a low fat label, materials like bamboo, which is a wonderfully sustainable product in China, becomes much less green when it must be shipped half way around the world from where it is grown and manufactured. (We’re keeping our eye out for locally produced bamboo but most if not all is still stamped “made in China.”) Sustainably harvested local hardwoods currently remain a greener option. We focus on a bigger picture that considers the lifecycle costs of materials; utilizes natural ventilation, passive solar, daylight; and considers new technologies to improve energy efficiencies. We also consider the waste generated by a project, recycling or repurposing some materials before they reach the dumpster.


No mater the size of a project the budget is a factor that must be considered. It is important to think about budget issues early in the design process to ensure that the design develops in a way that is in line with budget requirements, or there is an opportunity to adjust the budget in line with the desired scope of the project. Either way it is important to bring the budget and project scope into alignment early on. We place importance on the value of the project. How well does it serve its purpose? How durable is it from an ongoing maintenance standpoint? How energy efficient is it? Frequently up front investment in a project will pay for itself in ongoing savings.


To complete the construction phase we use a combination of our own labor as well as subcontractors. We have long term relationships with a wide array of trade subcontractors that allow us to assemble teams with skill sets tailored to a specific project’s scope, details, and budget. They are familiar with how we work, and share our commitment to quality, courtesy, neatness and value.